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"Give your taste buds a treat at Bites by Betsy!"

Image by Jeb Buchman


“It all started in the kitchen baking with Grandma and Mom”


Some of my fondest childhood memories are standing on a chair, helping bake chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen with my Grandma and Mom.

My Mom and I spent the weeks before Christmas baking all the traditional Christmas cookies.

They taught me the basics of baking but most importantly, they exposed me to a passion for creating something both beautiful and delicious!

As time passed, I was baking in my own home with my kids standing on chairs.


I became bored with the same ole' traditional cookies.   

I started playing around with different ingredients for bars, cookies and cheesecakes. Thus, my passion for baking was born! 

Betsy's mom.png

"How the PASSION and INSPIRATION for baking happens..."

I pride myself on creating delicious, unique treats with a variety of different ingredients so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

I will experiment multiple times on one recipe until it is worthy of being part of the BitesbyBetsy menu.

"A Guarded Family Treasure"

Each recipe is very personal.

BitesbyBetsy treats are a combination of unique family recipes along with my own personal twist.

Many of these recipes have been in my family for generations. I will look forward to someday passing them on to my children and grandchildren.

Bites By Betsy.png

I have loved baking for my friends and family throughout the years!   


What Friends Are Saying About BitesByBetsy


"These cheesecakes are to die for!


We received a gift box of 12 pieces (lemon, chocolate PB, double chocolate, and banana bread).


The pieces are large in size and full of so much flavor. Can’t wait to order and try even more flavors!"



These are absolutely amazing!


Thank you so much Betsy!!


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